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The retail industry is witnessing a paradigm shift. We, at InterraIT, help our clients deliver a personalized end-to-end digital experience to their customer base. Our retail business model helps our clients manage and execute day-to-day operations more effectively by leveraging our domain expertise gained by collaborating with leading retailers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) across the globe.

We can help you transform your retail business with engaging brand experiences that will strengthen relationships with your customers, drive growth, and build a lasting differentiator.

Conquering Challenges

Amid disruption, we provide you with an advantage by transforming your business with the help of NextGen technologies.

Retail Information Systems

Find and utilize your data and leverage that information through business intelligence, analytics, and data science, and ensure stronger relationships with vendors, partners, and ultimately, your customers.


Retail Analytics Solution

In-store Customer Experience

Data Management Services

Retail Workforce Management

Business Process Services

Blockchain-Based Retail Solutions

Foster trust and partnership across the global supply chain with real-time insights into products and processes. Blockchain increases the visibility in the retail business transactions.


Retail omni-supply chains


Managing supply chain data

Supporting autonomous transactions

AI-Based Data Analytics Platforms

Retailers can now deliver compelling customer experience, drive cost efficiencies, and improve employee motivation with the help of AI-based data analytics. AI can provide retailers.


Intelligent Product Recommendation

Omni-channel Data Management

Churn Management

Customer Segmentation


NextGen Supply Chain Management

Today, companies and retailers are addressing challenges related to demand volatility, dispersion, and cost pressures. Digital Supply Networks (DSN) are gaining focus as they provide an opportunity.


Private label product management

Trade promotion management


Enterprise mobile apps


Enhance the user experience and accelerate the sales process in compliance via the latest trends through customer-centric and interactive eCommerce apps and portals.


Advanced UX/UI

Front-End Development


Information Security & Testing


Inventory Management Solutions

It is crucial for the retail industry to manage the inventory in an accurate and timely manner. Inbound and outbound assets need to be tracked for accountability to prevent excess or lack of inventory or any theft of stock.


RFID Integration

Fleet management

Electronic Proof of Delivery (EPOD)

Warehousing Systems Integration

First-expire-first-out (FEFO) inventory allocation and deliveries

Business-On-Demand Solutions

Solutions provided can revamp customer interactions, revolutionize the in-store experiences, increase customer engagement through mobility and restructure the whole supply chain

Digital Footprint

AMS for MBCI App

AMS for MBCI App

Our client is a leading manufacturer of Kitchen Cabinets and Home Furniture. The objective was to provide AMS to 50+ websites & applications providing B2B and B2C commerce


Demand Planning & Integration for Apparel Manufacturer

Demand Planning & Integration for Apparel Manufacturer

The client is a leading Apparel Manufacturer. The objective was to provide clients with seamless integration of Demand Planning solution & other supply chain planning applications.


Platform Migration

Platform Migration

The client is a leading internet marketing company providing innovative internet subscription-based programs. The objective was to provide a solution that decreases the Cost-of-ownership of Legacy IT Infrastructure.


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