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The manufacturing sector is becoming a global business with networked supply chains, distribution systems, and customer channels. Business models are rapidly evolving: from the traditional B2B to B2B2C.

InterraIT offers strategic IT initiatives to various global manufacturing firms. We have successful client engagements in the manufacturing sector in sub-segments such as furniture and automotive.

Our main objective is to help industrial clients align production processes keeping in mind the customer demands and facilitate collaboration with suppliers with multi-branch system deployments. With supply and value chains getting more and more complex, manufacturers need to move closer towards agile manufacturing. InterraIT helps them achieve this goal seamlessly.

Our extensive understanding of the manufacturing sector helps our clients build smart factories, integrated supply chain ecosystems, improved customer experiences and derive meaningful data insights through advanced technologies like Cloud, BI, and mobility.

Conquering Challenges

Enable transformation in the digital age with better customer experience as a vital objective.

Supply Chain Optimization

We provide robust SCM solutions, making our clients’ business networks more agile and seamless. We leverage our global skills in supply chain strategy, forecasting, and replenishment.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) & Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

Manufacturing Strategy & Operations

Logistics & Distribution

Supply Chain Planning

Faster Product Development

With faster innovation and emerging technologies, product lifecycles have shortened requiring a faster product development process. Our product life cycle and engineering solutions.


Testing & Validation

Product Prototyping

Product Deployment Lifecycle Management

Quality Assurance & Testing

Data acquisition and automation solutions

Mobile Enablement

We offer a wide range of mobility services, including mobile application development, enterprise mobile device management, architecture, and consulting services.


UI & UX experience

MDM & MAM on Cloud

Connectivity & Security

Compliance & Risk

Field Sales & Services Management

Our Service Lifecycle Management solutions are designed to power clients’ after-market services by controlling cost and improving services like warranty, field-service, spare parts, and installed base management.


Shop Floor Automation

Manufacturing Intelligence

Planning & Scheduling

Business-On-Demand Solutions

Our solutions can help organizations to increase their visibility into the whole process and overcome manufacturing challenges

Digital Footprint

DevOps Setup

DevOps Setup

The customer is the top Electronics Fortune 500 Company. The objective was to provide Automation of API using AWS and DevOps services for managing, operating & analyzing Smart Home appliances.


Smart Home Automation

Smart Home Automation

The Client is a global provider of a wide variety of products, systems, and services. The objective was to build a set of libraries, APIs for smart home automation, and up-gradation of the Automation System.


Upgradation of Automation System

Upgradation of Automation System

Our client is the largest steel-making company in India. The objective was to upgrade level II Automated System for better quality and productivity.


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