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It is time to reinvent your telecommunications business with agile, scalable networks and platforms to open new markets, connect people, democratize information, and improve the lives of global citizens. We, at InterraIT, deliver new and innovative services, improve the customer experience, and generate internal efficiencies. We partner with you to rethink operational pliability, recreate your existing business models, revamp new experiences, and create new value in the digital era. Our industry expertise and know-how have the potential to accelerate your digital evolution at scale. Our collaboration will help your business profitably grow today and open new business avenues tomorrow. Our experts will help you to deliver an all-new customer experience, powered by real-time insights and enabled by breakthrough innovations.

InterraIT offers unparalleled telecom industry solutions to revolutionize the telecom business. We address the key challenges such as rationalization, upgrade, integrate billing systems, and high-cost delivery models. InterraIT has pioneered the use of Web Services and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) as key elements of Telecom Billing and OSS integration strategy allowing service providers to add or modify specific functional elements without rebuilding the entire system.

Conquering Challenges

Our agile services and open-platform models create opportunities to enhance customer experience and brand loyalty expanding the overall business growth.

Operational & Cost Efficiencies

Leverage and liberate data to deliver innovative products, improve operations and cost efficiencies, and deliver big data insights through sophisticated analytics.


Customer sales experience enhancement

Information portal development

Service Loaner Vehicle management

Dealer location Information

Quality of Services

Analyze customer’s current IT and business reality and find the most efficient, cost-effective, and business-enhancing solution to help your company grow and eliminate unnecessary investments.


Cloud Transformation

End-to-End Project Delivery

Managed Services

BSS/OSS Transformation

Improved Processes & Infrastructure

Strategic method for improving effective and efficient operations. Managed Services – Operations and Maintenance offered enables operators to respond better to market challenges.


Key performance indicators (KPIs), service level agreements (SLAs)

System improvement and governance

Operations management

End-to-end equipment maintenance (including spares management SLA and KPI management)

Rapid Time-To-Market to Roll Out New & Innovative Services

Identify significant opportunities, R&D to develop and test the application, and operations to piece together the resources needed to ensure the required Quality of Service (QoS).


Application Support

Application Maintenance

Application Migration/Monitoring

Application Management

Automating the monitoring and management processes

Business-On-Demand Solutions

We undertake business through a journey of cloud transformation to enhance performance and move faster with new software endeavors.

Digital Footprint

Digital Technology Enablement & Integration

Digital Technology Enablement & Integration

The client is a leading provider of web hosting services. The objective was to provide a single window for a multiple legacy system based on SDA architecture.


QA Automation for ICT Provider

QA Automation for ICT Provider

The client is a leading global provider of Information and communication technology (ICT) solutions. The objective was to provide a test automation framework against the client’s customer portal.


Testing of core business-ware components

Testing of core business-ware components

The Client is the company offering a complete business process solution for healthcare, telecommunication, financial services & manufacturing/supply chain. The objective was to test core business-ware components.


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