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The current scenario has become fast-paced where businesses urgently need to blend their legacy systems and technologies harmoniously with NextGen cloud technology. InterraIT helps organizations navigate smoothly through their cloud journey by helping them make the right investments and get the best ROI with the most advanced solutions.

With multiple cloud options available – private, public, or hybrid - it is important for organizations to choose the right configuration to implement a sound cloud strategy. Also, with the adoption of the latest cloud technologies, the existing IT application portfolio might become more heterogeneous and complex. We, at InterraIT, can help you bring together applications, security, and infrastructure to leverage the full potential of the cloud. We can help you extract maximum value across the complete lifecycle, which will help you to differentiate yourself from your competitors and gain complete customer satisfaction.

Business-On-Demand Solutions

We create rich experiences that help customers become intuitively digital by using the cloud to gain fresh insights, build new models, and unlock new opportunities for creating richer customer experiences.

Key Differentiators

Improve forecast accuracy during AMS

We do not end with deployment! We monitor forecast errors during AMS, continuously learning from actual data, and improving upon implemented models.

Integrate cohesively with the customer

Creating a seamless single team with an effective engagement model

Faster and predictable cloud transformation

We fast-track your transformation to the cloud so you can harness its power to the fullest potential

Focus on lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO)

By providing high-quality services and customer satisfaction with a flexible, scalable and highly cost-effective operational model

Scalability & flexibility

Leveraging our dual shore flexible operations model, we can ramp up / ramp down resources on projects through a tightly integrated forecasting process

Risk mitigated cloud adoption

Develop new applications in or migrate existing applications to cloud-based services

Digital Footprints

Social Network App on Cloud

Social Network App on Cloud

Our client is a technology service provider. The objective was to improve the user experience with Multimedia streaming of the existing evidence based digital health platform.


Migrating Web App to AWS

Migrating Web App to AWS

The client develops and distributes tools to help people thrive at work. The objective was to migrate the standalone web application to cloud.


Migrating Order Mgmt. to Cloud

Migrating Order Mgmt. to Cloud

The client is committed to the profitability and viability of independent pharmacies. The objective was to enhance the performance of the recently migrated application to cloud.


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