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    Build and deploy models faster

With digital technologies growing at a fast pace, the amount of data generated is endless. Managing and deriving business value from this deluge of data is the biggest challenge for enterprises today. Analytics implemented rightly helps turn organizational data into actionable insights and leverage them to predict buying behaviors, improve decision making insights, and eliminate risks. It transforms the entire knowledge landscape within the firm and holds the key to the future growth of businesses.

InterraIT’s advanced Analytics Services have helped businesses effectively combine deep industry knowledge, cutting edge mathematical and statistical methods, and software environments like R to build an enterprise-wide analytics culture. Our domain expertise coupled with data analytics capabilities, real-time solutions, and usage of machine learning algorithms to create predictive models enables us to offer your business a customized Analytics strategy.

Business-On-Demand Solutions

Enable faster decision making, increased productivity, business process automation, and faster anomaly detection with the help of our machine learning - powered applications.

Key Differentiators

Reduce TCO through custom solutions

Once the predictive models are implemented, we convert the models into Java/ C# solutions, thereby freeing up the customer from the large license costs of platforms

With the powerful ‘R’ ecosystem, we take Visualization to the next level

We specialize in ‘R’ and extend the power of Visualization through it

Integrate cohesively with the customer

Creating a seamless single team with an effective engagement model

Enable Digital Transformation

By providing integrated data, from disparate structured and unstructured sources, and by applying advanced AI and Analytics on them, we provide real-time insights for Digital Transformation.

Improve forecast accuracy during AMS

We do not end with deployment! We keep monitoring forecast errors during AMS, learn from actual data, and continuously improve on implemented models

Scalability & Flexibility

Leveraging our dual shore flexible operations model, we can ramp up / ramp down resources on projects through a tightly integrated forecasting process

Digital Footprints

Quality Control Defects

Quality Control Defects

Our client is a Multinational automobile component manufacturing company. The objective was to drive down their manufacturing defects percentage.


Price Forecasting and Cash Planning

Price Forecasting and Cash Planning

Our client is a Fortune 500 Oil & Energy giant. The objective was to analyze historic data and build a price forecasting solution based on forecasted production.


Data warehouse Dev. & AMS

Data warehouse Dev. & AMS

Our client is one of the largest furniture manufacturers in the USA. The objective was to have a consolidated and common reporting system across all the brands.


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